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£144.00 (inc. VAT)

Please Note: PD Store is currently only available in the UK, for international orders please contact orders@precision-devices.com

  • Bass Driver.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminium frame for increased rigidity.
  • Low Distortion.
  • Long driver excursion.
  • Suitable for bass reflex or band pass designs.

The PD.123C01 is the perfect choice for extended low-frequency response and high SPL applications from a nominal 12' driver.

Ideal for bandpass applications and extended throw designs. The driver also excels in compact two-way cabinets offering extended low frequency reproduction and smooth midrange. Easy to integrate with small format HF drivers utilising the woofers usable frequency range of 45Hz to 3.5kHz.

For full TSPs please see technical information available on our websitehttp://www.precision-devices.com/Product-Details/PD123C01

  • PD.123C01.4 Ohm Call
  • PD.123C01.8 Ohm 86%
  • PD.123C01.16 Ohm Call